The Canadian Health Food Association is Canada’s largest trade association dedicated to the advancement of the natural health and organic product industries. Our vision is a Canada in which everyone benefits from natural health and organic products.

Our members include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and importers of natural health and organic products. These can include foods, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbal products, homeopathics, sports nutrition products, health and beauty aids and more.

The Voice of the Natural Health Industry in Canada

The natural health product industry contributes $3 billion, and the organic product industry contributes another $4 billion to the Canadian economy. With our mission of leading, empowering, and supporting our members to promote the growth and advancement of the natural health and organic product industries, CHFA is committed to promoting and protecting both. For more than 50 years, we’ve worked alongside our growing membership of over 1,000 companies to develop unique growth opportunities designed to empower and support our members.

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GFR Pharma

GFR Pharma is a full service GMP contract manufacturer of Natural Health products, well recognised in the Canadian, U.S. and international markets. In operation since 1998, we’re a privately held company located near Vancouver, Canada and close to the U.S. border for efficient shipping anywhere in the world.

Our team of industry experts can assist your company with raw material sourcing, formulation guidance, flavour profiling, packaging advice, technical guidance and regulatory compliance services.

Quality is at the core of GFR Pharma and we hold a number of industry certifications including; GMP, NSF, pro-cert Organic, kosher check, and is a registered dairy processing establishment. GFR Pharma is experienced in manufacturing and packaging natural health products for Canadian, U.S. and global markets and we will work with your regulatory partner to ensure compliance with the country you wish to sell in.

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Creel Printing

Customers come to Creel for its comprehensive print and publishing solutions. In addition to our full-service manufacturing platform, our 700+ person team brings experience in data management, marketing, graphic design, mobile technologies, and distribution, along with aptitude in various vertical markets.

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